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Allows you to clone an existing Zendesk ticket


Make clones of existing tickets to track separate issues or clone tickets that have been closed in order to correct ticket details. The Clone App maintains all comments, ticket creation date, ticket solve date, and data from ticket fields when creating a clone.

You also have the ability to make some changes before cloning such as changing the ticket subject, status, type, and comment state (private/public)

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Installation Instructions

Install the Clone app first and then setup user settings from within the app.

By default, the Clone app is restricted to users with the Administrative role. Agents may use the Clone app after an Administrator has successfully saved a Zendesk API token from within the app settings. You can reset the token that is saved at any point by disabling the 'Use token (for Agent access)' option from the Zendesk app configuration page or from within the app settings.

Enhancements and Bugs

Please file a Bitbucket issue to log your enhancement idea or bug.


You will be charged on the provided credit card after the trial period has expired. From that point forward you will charged monthly on that calendar month. Invoices will be automaticly emailed to you from Stripe.

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Legal Terms

This application shall be governed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license; however may not be redistributed without express permission of the Author. If you are a non-Commercial entity who wishes to make use of the software, please contact the author.